Air Force Policy Directive (Afpd) 25-2 Support Agreements

8 Ensure the application of appropriate internal controls and monitoring measures for intra-service support agreements (three-year controls, controlled voltage delays, compliance inspections, etc.). Ensure that each level of qualification and any activity that provides support for other activities within the service or receives support from another internal service activity has a designated Manager and Functional Area Agreement Coordinator support contract. (T-0) Employees understood packages within the Central AF that oppose multi-functional areas. Assistance required for other intra-service activities, as long as it is in the best interests of the FA. 9 The Assistant Secretary of Air Force, Financial Management and Skills (SAF/FM) will develop guidelines on the nature of the costs that can be charged and ensure that an appropriate calculation of activities through FM resource management is included in the budget process. The Comptroller for installation management or the designated representative coordinates all AF service assistance agreements. The facility`s financial manager or designated agent reviews the reimbursement budget for assistance agreements each year. DEBORAH LEE JAMES Air Force Secretary 4 AFPD25-2 28 August 2014 Appendix 1 GLOSSARY OF REFERENCES AND SUPPORTING INFORMATION References DoDI , Support Agreements, April 25, 2013 Headquarters AF Mission DIRECTIVE 1-38, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force (Logistics, Facilities and Mission Support) 5 Passports for assistance agreements are resolved at the lowest possible level and increased if necessary by each affected chain of command. In practice, changes and denunciations of support agreements should be made bilaterally and with sufficient prior notification to allow for appropriate resource adjustments during the budgeting process.

Where a support agreement is to be substantially terminated, suspended or amended with less than 180 days to other parties to the contract, the initiating party may charge the parties concerned for the reimbursement of the inevitable termination or replacement costs incurred up to 180 days after the written notification. 3 SUMMARY OF CHANGES This revision updates the POLICY DIRECTIVE to integrate the changes into DoDI and must be fully verified. This review provides an update to the inpassion resolution process and updates terminology and references. 1. Scope. This DIRECTIVE applies to support agreements managed by the AF to AF (intra-service support agreements). The development and implementation of other types of support agreements, such as the . B, between the AF and other defence ministries 2 AFPD25-2 28 AUGUST 2014 (DoD) Components (Intra-agency Support Agreements) and Non-DoD Federal Activities (Inter-Agency Support Agreements) will be processed in DoDI 2. 4 policy statements. IT is AF POLICY that: AF Supplier organizations document the necessary and sustained recipient organizations to ensure effective resource management, unite efforts to achieve a common goal and protect against mission organizing capacity.

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