Bmw Extended Maintenance Agreement

In the Ultimate Protection Program, BMW offers additional protection plans that can be purchased with an extended warranty. Some of these plans include: FOR more than 40 years, BMW`s name is The Ultimate Driving MachineĀ® and its line of sports sedans, convertibles, SUVs and “M” power vehicles has lived up to this mantra for a long time. BMW`s new vehicle warranty is strong, but probably doesn`t deserve the “ultimate” label. This is a reason to consider BMW`s extended warranty or an extended warranty from a third-party supplier for greater security. To find the best extended bmw warranty for your vehicle and budget, we recommend receiving offers from at least three suppliers. Used car owners have the same extended BMW warranty options as new vehicles. In addition to extended warranties (also known as vehicle service contracts), BMW offers prepaid maintenance plans. With these plans, you pay in advance for all planned factory maintenance to get a 30 percent discount compared to the payment of individual services, according to BMW. The plans offer durations of up to 7 years/125,000 miles from the initial operating date of the vehicle. An extended BMW warranty protects you from paying the full cost of covered repairs or replacements. This is a service contract between you and the supplier, whether it is the bmw-Hundlerhaus or a third-party company. Depending on the coverage plan you want, advanced warranties can cover everything from engine, fuel, gearbox, cooling systems, electrical and more. Endurance has an option that suits everyone and offers payment plans when needed.

Look at each plan we offer that contains standard contracts with complete details. One of the weaknesses of BMW`s factory warranty is that it does not offer additional drive coverage beyond the basic coverage. Other luxury brands, such as Cadillac and Genesis, offer this coverage, but not BMW. For this reason, many BMW owners are looking for additional coverage with an extended warranty. Whether or not you buy a BMW warranty depends on your individual situation and personal goals. In pre-owned certified BMWs (CPO) owners must choose from Platinum coverage with two different lengths of extended warranty as shown below. Also keep in mind that BMW has only 341 licensed dealerships in the United States. A breakdown on the road could leave your car at a BMW dealership away from home while it is repaired.

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