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International flight ticket booking can consider flying together with the national airline with the United Arab Emirates, that’s Etihad Airways. Maintaining a fleet size over a hundred aircraft, this airline operates regional in addition to international flights to greater than 95 destinations worldwide. The airline operates on the thousand flights once a week and is one from the largest air carrier’s networks in the Middle East. With its base at Abu Dhabi International Airport, this airline has codeshare agreements with some on the leading carriers on the world, like Virgin Australia, Flybe and also Saudia. Travellers prefer flying on this carrier mainly because it offers a number of in-flight amenities and facilities, ensuring a nice flying experience.

According to go experts, Etihad Airways booking has witnessed a significant rise in the recent past because on the state-of-the-art amenities and services provided to use aircraft. The carrier comes with a host of in-flight entertainment facilities, that make the journey heckle-free and pleasant. Besides, the fine dining services offered from the models improve the comfort and convenience of travellers. They can enjoy several palatable delicacies, scrumptious snacks and refreshing drinks during your journey.

In-flight Entertainment

Be it mid-haul journeys or long-distance journeys across continental boundaries, travellers flying with Etihad Airways don’t need to worry about becoming bored. A host of in-flight entertainment facilities are supplied by this carrier to guarantee a hassle-free tour. The airline recently added a great E-BOX In-flight Entertainment line-up, which airs current news updates and prominent events of sports live. This is a unique facility, that is not provided with many other airlines. In addition, the carrier offers in excess of 750 hours of popular tv shows, Hollywood and Bollywood movies and also interactive games in their aircraft. Furthermore, over 15 popular radio channels are offered on board for entertaining the passengers.

On-board Connectivity

The carrier offers high-speed internet connectivity and mobile facilities in most models. This feature is of boon to both, business in addition to leisure travellers. Corporate travellers usually stays in touch using the ongoing market events while vacationers usually stay in touch with themselves during your way. In all aircraft on this airline, passengers can make use of their cellphones to make and receive calls together with send and receive SMS/MMS. Smartphone users may use data roaming to get into their emails and look through their favourite websites. Users be forced to pay nominal charges to avail these traits and enjoy mid-air connectivity. Due to these entertainment along with connectivity options, fliers enjoy heckle-free tours using this air company. Apart from this, in addition they enjoy utmost comfort inside the seats of such aircraft which might be replete with adequate seat pitch, ample legroom together with proper lumbar support. In addition, the well-trained cabin and crew on the carrier offer warm hospitality and prompt services. According to recent surveys, these factors are responsible for putting Etihad Airways in the profitable position inside the market.

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