Facility Agreement In Arabic

“Facilities Agreement” means the multicurrency senior facilities agreement among company XX and certain of its subsidiaries, the Pledgee and the other parties… Thank you d. f. I just found a document that looks like what I have to translate and this document is about a “credit facility agreement.” It is therefore very likely that my “facilities” are credit facilities. I will wait a little to see if other translators, more experienced than me in this field, show up… and the agreement can also be an “agreement” (which would probably be the case here to document the document reflecting an agreement reached) – and “probably” instead of “more” www.multitran.ru/c/m.exe?t=6006485_1_2&s1=senior%3Cb%3B%3B3Efacility%3Efacility%20efacility%3C/b%3E Terminy financial/banking: “facilities” – credit facility/financing facility/credity – credit facility, credit, funding // senior or first rank With respect to the syndicated loan facilities agreement, UCB and some of its affiliates have provided certain Financial guarantees towards the […] 請先開啟您視訊設備與我們客服專員進面對面視訊對談 Our consultants are ready to help. How would you like to chat with us? As part of the syndicated credit facility agreement, UCB and some of its subsidiaries have www.ucb.com/website/_up/ucb_com_investors/documents/UCB-RapportAnnuel2009.pdf 請先準備耳機以及麥您與我們客服專員使客服專員使 網路電話對談 certain financial guarantees. On the move? Use our voice chat service to talk to our consultants. The more I progress in my paper, the more I am in favour of the “credit facility agreement” (for the reason mentioned in d f).

Thank you both for your invaluable help. TCTerms is here for the purpose of finding answers to questions.

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