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Tobacco comparison agreements have introduced fundamental changes in the way tobacco products are promoted, marketed and sold in the United States. Our study assessed the impact of the MSA and the four individual accounts on shareholder revenues, the operational performance of the defendant companies, the increase in exports, the impact on the market share of the original producers and advertising expenses. The Attorney General did not have the authority to grant all this himself: the Global Settlement Agreement would require an act of Congress. Senator John McCain of Arizona brought the law that was much more aggressive than global regulation. [10]422, 427 In the spring of 1998, however, Congress rejected both the proposed transaction and an alternative proposal from McCain. Since the signing of the MSA in November 1998, some 40 other tobacco companies have signed the agreement and are bound by its terms. At the time the agreement came into force, THE OPMs together controlled about 97% of the domestic market for cigarettes. In addition to these “initially implemented parties” (OSPs), the Master Settlement Agreement allows other tobacco companies to join the transaction; A list of these “SSPs” is maintained by the National Association of Attorneys General. [16] Since 1998, some 41 other tobacco companies have joined the Master Settlement Agreement. These companies, designated as the following participating producers (successful producers), are bound by the restrictions in the transaction contract and must make payments to the settlement Member States, as defined in the transaction contract. Together, MPOs and PMS are designated as participating manufacturers (PMs). Any tobacco company that chooses not to participate in the transaction agreement is designated as a non-participating producer (NPM). The physical provisions of tobacco counting agreements are complex and extensive.

The summary on this page highlights some of the important provisions of the tobacco counting agreements, but is not intended to cover everything and is not intended to modify, interpret or take into account any of the provisions of the tobacco counting agreements. For 40 years, tobacco companies have not been responsible for cigarette-related diseases.

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