Network Of Contractual Agreements

identifying and analyzing successful case studies of networks of companies capable of achieving a high level of competitiveness; In our interviews, the manager of two networks: Lefsten, H. (2016). New businesses based on technology and their survival: the importance of business networks, business behaviour and competition. Local economy, 31(3), 393-409. Another result of the research shows that the success of network alliances is strongly influenced by the quality of network governance. The latter factor is strictly based on the quality and capacity of managers. We argue that the legal framework for business network contracts requires a necessary improvement in management, professional and culture, including strategic planning, governance, performance measurement processes and control in corporate networks. The main dimensions that need to be studied on this front are: (1) number, nature and characteristics of the actors who make up the network; (2) the entire network configuration; (3) the nature and intensity of the relationships between these actors; (4) key roles of actors; and (5) critical success factors and network criticism that limit the ability of these networks to function effectively. Usuzzi, B. (1999). In the production of financial capital: how social relations and networks benefit companies that are trying to obtain financing. American Sociological Review, 64, 481-505. Lechner, C., Dowling, M., Welpe, I (2006).

Business networks and business development: the role of the relationship mix. Journal of Business Venturing, 21, 514-540. The application of these criteria to the initial list resulted in the identification of 101 network contracts that could be considered active/operational. Of these, 75 are light networks and 26 are heavy networks. Jarillo, C. (1993). Strategic networks. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann. In the first eight years after contract law for business networks came into force, participation in business networks was found to make micro, small and medium-sized enterprises more competitive (Dyer and Singh, 1998). Networks help them grow, improve their competitiveness and improve their performance. However, the medium- and long-term economic impact on participating companies still needs to be reviewed and analysed.

Provan, K. G., Fish, A., Sydow, J. (2007). Network-level inter-agency networks: an overview of empirical literature in entire networks. Journal of Management, 33 (3), 479-516. Zaheer, A., Bell, G. (2005). Take advantage of the network`s position: solid skills, structural holes and performance. Strategic Management Journal, 26(9), 809-825.

In this document, the “business networks” refer to the general category of cooperation to varying degrees between micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, while “contractual networks” (CN) refer to the legal institution “corporate networks” in Italian law. This document also contributes in different ways to the general literature on business networks. First, it adopts a clear and formal definition of a network of companies on the basis of the Italian law of 2009, which introduces the specific trade agreement called contractto di rete. Verschoore, J. R., Wegner, D., Balestrin, A. (2015). The development of collaborative practices in small business networks: a qualitative analysis of four Brazilian cases. International Journal of Management Practice, 8(2), 152-168.

With regard to the governance of corporate networks, we were able to see, through a qualitative survey (see next paragraph), the perception of respondents of the willingness of companies and their representatives to collaborate and the frequency of meetings between network representatives (participatory architecture); The stability and duration of relations between the parties and the presence of a management committee, network manager or other recognized leader (organizational integration); Making a common heritage fund available Consistency between stated objectives, programmed activities and the duration of the contract (Ricciardi et al.

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