Stuck with Just a Snap

The locksmith in Brisbane CBD was a big help to me. I had a problem with the lock on my front door being stuck because of a broken key. The key showed no sign that it was going to break, which is why I was extremely puzzled when it snapped off in the lock. I tried to get it out using any tool I could find, but nothing would really work. At that point, I just gave up and looked for a locksmith that would be able to have a better shot of getting the key out of the lock than me.

From an online search, I was able to find a locksmith website where I could contact one and have them come to my home. They told me that they would be able to come to my home within the hour. After only 20 minutes, they made it to my home, which was impressive. I was expecting to wait for 50 minutes and then have the locksmith arrive at the last minute. The locksmith had some special tools and some lubricant that he used to get the key out of the lock. I had a spare key that I could use to open and close the lock, but I needed to have another one made, since that one would become my main key.

I’ve started to have a bit of a fear whenever I open my locks now. I keep worrying that the keys will snap off in them like before. When I turn the keys, I move them as slowly as possible without exerting too much force in rotation. I can always call the locksmith to get the keys out of the lock if it happens again, but it’s something that I would rather avoid in the first place.

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