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While some of these changes may be well accepted, the agreement is another obstacle when schools have to reassign teachers after they have already met with their students. The school year began on September 16 and students in all classes will be allowed to attend classes until October 1. Principals may be forced to fight again to revise their schedules to charge for new waves of teachers who can work from home. And there could be other changes: the agreement deals with another round of work orientations that is coming “soon”. This guide aims to describe certain tasks that can be performed online for teachers with a specific responsibility. All companies that use the DOE to perform school-based random testing – Fulgent, BioReference Laboratories and Somos Healthcare – have promised that all protected information or samples collected will be used exclusively for COVID 19 testing. These test providers notify the patient (or, when a minor, parent or legal guardian), the physician who orders and health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control, the Department of Health, the City Department of Health and the NYC Test-Trace program in New York City City Health and Hospitals, in accordance with the law. Creditors do not use subcontractors to test. For more information on these data protection and data security obligations, visit the vendor agreements on the UFT website. The agreement attempts to address staff shortages by allowing schools to circumvent some of the rules set out in a previous agreement with the teachers` union. But it also brings a whole new set of complications. Mark Cannizzaro, president of the school`s Board of Inspectors and Administrators, the union that represents principals, was furious that the Department of Education had not informed school leaders of the agreement, with many details of teachers learning in their schools on Friday nights. Schools are now allowed to take on teacher schedules and tasks that do not fit well with the union`s prior agreement.

This market was almost impossible for many schools. Under the agreement, these housing units are only considered in schools that need to occupy more distance positions. Also included in the agreement: Parent-teacher conferences are held online, unless a person is asked. In accordance with the UFT security agreement of 1 September with the town hall, the city`s Ministry of Health does not have to confirm a positive case in a school. If a UFT member gets a positive result, you should send an email with your doctor`s written documentation or a copy of the lab result to your client and chapter manager. Once someone comes forward with this written documentation, this is a confirmed case and contact follow-up must begin immediately in accordance with our agreement. Some schools, for example, require students to learn on virtual platforms, even if they are in school buildings, or ask educators to teach a mix of students to distant people and students at different times of the day. The initial agreement between the city and the union discouraged this and required separate teachers for those who are physically in school and those who learn from home.

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