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“The value of global agreements in establishing social dialogue between workers and management is irrefutable,” said Teresa Casertano, Director of UNI ICTS. “We are pleased to work with Telenor and local unions to advance our relationship on the basis of mutual respect.” This new agreement improves the previous version in several respects and confirms Societe Generale`s commitment to social dialogue, freedom of association and collective bargaining. We look forward to working with the Bank to ensure that all workers can exercise their right to organization, job security and non-discriminatory jobs. The Erasmus agreements allow two partner universities in the European Union to exchange students (student mobility). Outgoing students can receive financial assistance for their semester abroad. The University of Luxembourg has signed a series of agreements with partner universities throughout Europe, as well as around the world. These agreements allow for the exchange of students – since all undergraduate students must spend at least one semester at a university abroad – but also include research projects and exchanges of researchers. We are proud to continue our agreement with UNI Global Union. It reaffirms our commitment to respect for human rights in accordance with our code of conduct and our recognition of the fundamental principles and rights of the International Labour Organization in the workplace, including freedom of association. All the human teams of the Societe Generale Group around the world have worked hard to conclude the agreement that reflects the constructive social dialogue we conduct with the representatives of the thinking at Societe Generale. Starting in 2020, a doctoral contract will be concluded for each new doctoral candidate. “This agreement will allow many employees to contribute, as part of their work, to the efforts of associations for a more inclusive and sustainable world,” added Antoine Sire, Head of Corporate Engagement and member of the group`s management. This is a decisive contribution to BNP Paribas` social commitment.

Research Services is responsible for negotiating and approving research-related contracts with outside parties. These contracts are not limited to sponsored research agreements, but also include the exchange of confidential information, data sets, research tools or materials, as well as conditions for research projects. The new three-year agreement was signed on 4 February 2019 in the offices of Societe Generale of Christy Hoffman, Secretary General of the UNI Global Union, and Caroline Guillaumin, Head of Human Resources Group at Societe Generale, Europe`s largest bank, which renewed its agreement with UNI Global Union. The Global Framework Agreement also covers the rights of trade unions and underlines our commitment to ensuring a positive working environment with the right to freedom of association, as well as a healthy balance of work and private life, in line with the joint declarations previously signed with the UEWC. “At Telenor, we always strive to put in place good mechanisms to foster a good dialogue between the social partners who work within our organization.

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