Uq Student Placement Agreement

In the third year, all local students are required to take the Rural Medicine and Remote Medicine (RRM) course. International students can also request a “transfer” of MiS to THE RMRs to facilitate an RRM internship abroad in their home country. There are certain criteria required by mediation to obtain an academic license for this placement. For more information, click here. Use this agreement to establish a formal relationship with a commercial provider of student housing. This agreement allows the provider to be recognized as a “preferred supplier of UQ” for student accommodation. Applications for internships at one of the Sunshine Coast HHS facilities must be coordinated through the UQ investment team. These include Nambour, Caloundra, Gympie, Maleny and Sunshine Coast University Hospital. Students should not go to individual physicians to arrange/request a clinical placement. Please send all requests to the mediation team – med.placements@uq.edu.au Take advantage of this agreement if you hire an independent curator for the UQ Anthropologist Museum.

You will find information on who can sign a standard agreement in the Delegation Directive [1.10.01] and in the delegation schedule (notification of staff required). If the agreement is related to the acceptance of a gift on behalf of the UQ, read the directive on delegations accepting gifts [1.10.04]. As it is up to you to arrange the RRM investment, we include an outside investment investment in a particular investment block as a reason to consider it. If you are interested in a “far” placement of RRM in 2020, you should soon consider it so that you can abstain well before the end of the special reflection procedure (for more details, see below). This way, we can ensure that you are assigned a defined ranking order corresponding to your outside placement. Please note that you must arrange your placement in one of the 6-week investment blocks pre-defined for 2020 – we expect these dates to be published in early 2019. Each institution has a specific criterion that students must complete before completing a medical internship. Students must ensure that they are able to meet all requirements before applying, as significant costs may be incurred. The medical school may support requirements in certain aspects of the host institution, but the responsibility remains to the student.

To be assigned to the Place of Queens University, you are invited to give your interest to the mediation team in August 2019. This space is then allocated to a student per placement block by means of a random vote, more information will be provided in due course.

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