West Lothian Council Tenancy Agreement

If you are a tenant of East Lothian Council and you wish to be accommodated by another tenant of the East Lothian Council or the East Lothian Housing Association, you can get additional points if you abandon the two leases in order to move together into a new common rent. An application should be made. If a potentially abandoned vehicle is reported to the local office or has been identified by a staff member during their work, local staff will contact local police to find out if it has been abandoned or not. If the police confirm that the vehicle has been abandoned, the council will send a 7-day notice on the vehicle and, at the end of the 7 days, remove the vehicle. If your pet causes a persistent nuisance, we can demand that your pet be removed from your home and take legal action against you for breaking your lease. A deposit of two months` rent is granted to cover any discrepancies at the end of the lease that use aerobics. If the owner/agent and the West Lothian Council are satisfied with the ownership and service, the agreement can be reversed for an additional 12 months. She and the other co-tenants are also responsible for complying with all the terms of the tenancy agreement – which is declared jointly liable. For example: website: www.westlothian.gov.uk/article/44371/Private-Rented-Housing The Commission has stated that it can offer guaranteed rent with the potential for non-empty rent loss periods for a period of at least 12 months.

The rent will be equal to the local housing benefit rate. We try to identify the owner of the caravan by learning about it. If the landlord is identified, the community housing manager will declare that he is in violation of their lease, the steps he should take to resolve the situation and any correspondence of non-compliance with their lease. Please note that improvements and changes require the Council`s written approval (for more details, see “Repairs”). The private rental service sees the board working with landlords and brokers to use private tenants as a way to accommodate those on the waiting list for Council housing until a permanent home can be occupied. The Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement requires you to have written permission before keeping a pet. If permission is granted, you will be asked to sign an agreement to maintain the conditions in force. Another important feature of care housing is the use of smart technology in the apartment/cottage. Each lease has a vital artery unit designed to keep tenants safe and secure. We will respond to all harassment complaints in western Lothian, whether the victim (or offender) is a council tenant, a private sector tenant or a landlord/resident. We will take all possible steps to put an end to this and other threats by referring the matter to the Community Safety Unit.

To register your interest or learn more, email Private.LettingServices@westlothian.gov.uk. When taking into account the associated costs and before any decision regarding careful housing, a consultation on personal financial status and entitlement to the range of benefits, including housing allowance, can be obtained from the counselling workshop – telephone 01506 283000 – There are a number of areas in Western Lothian where dogs walking on their own are causing concern and concern, particularly for children and the elderly. Always make sure your dog is on a leash in residential areas and only let him walk if he is sure to do so. Permission is required to have a dog in your lease; This can be requested at your local housing office. Please refer complaints about dogs to customer service on 01506 280000. George Paul, Executive Councillor for Municipal Services, said: “I would like to encourage all homeowners who have real estate and may be interested in the by-law to address Council today.

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