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2019 Review On a Synthetic Urine

People doing drugs on a regular basis already know about synthetic urine. Those that are seeing this term for the first time are probably looking for an effective method to hide the results of the fun they did a weekend ago.

Even though this product is not created for cheating on tests, officially, it is still the best option when that troubled time comes. In this article, we’ll make a review on some of the most common brands there are on the market today and we’ll tell you a little more about synthetic urine. Read on, and learn more.

What is synthetic urine?

Normal urine is made of over 90% water and other by-products that are filtered in the kidneys. The scientists have made a clear list of ingredients in it. The artificial one is made of the exact same things. Why? Well, the official reason for creating something like this by the companies is for testing and fetish use, which is exactly what is stamped on the box.

The real reason and where the money comes from is by people who need it to cover their tracks. If you had a wild time and you’re afraid that the test will show drug leftovers you need to do something about it if you want to keep your reputation and most probably – jour job. See other ways to flush your body from toxins here.

The artificial urine is made from the same ingredients and is able to imitate the real one without being recognized. The only thing you need to do is follow the instructions when handing it over so the doctors won’t get you that you’re giving them a false sample.

What are the best products today?

The market today is overflowed with these solutions. Even though one would think that there shouldn’t be any difference between them – there is. That’s why you need to make a wise choice because this can cost you your job.


UPass is very famous and a lot of people used it. A lot of them say it’s good, some of them say it’s bad. But, with great glory comes great responsibility and just like anything reviewed on the internet, you can’t have a 100% success. Lately, UPass has a bad reputation but this doesn’t mean it’s not working. Plus, the price is pretty affordable. It’s up to you if you choose it.

Quick Fix

Quick Fix is probably the number one kit on the market at the moment. It comes with a detailed instruction manual about how you should handle the product and what you need to do in order not to get caught.

They’ve been around since 2005 and their reputation is almost flawless. When most people think about artificial urine, they’re thinking about this product. It is available for a fair price compared to the competition but it lacks its own preheating. This means you’ll have to find a way to heat it to human temperature before you hand it over.

Sub Solution

This product is also one of the most popular ones. It ranges the price of the competition is affordable enough while at the same time it offers the heat up option at the temperature needed to look like normal, real urine.

On the back of the bottle, you can read exactly what there is inside so you can be sure that this is not some of the many scams on the internet. The most important ingredients needed are the urea and the uric acid – which is something this solution offers. This can be a lesson too if you find a solution that tries to convince you that it acts as real pee, but on the ingredient list there are no urea and uric acid, you should know that you’re dealing with something that’s not going to help you.

Quick Luck

Another popular product by which customers are mostly satisfied. It also provides the feature of heating up to a temperature that will make it look like real urine, while the price is something that will not make you the happiest person. Compared to the previous product and especially to Quick Fix, it is far more expensive.

However, for those that like to know exactly what they have in their hands, the product listed their ingredients used inside. A little too much to pay for a piece of simple information.

X Stream

Some like to say, see the price and you’ll know about the quality. This one is among the least popular option for drug testing, but it comes with a great price and it looks like real pee. It’s officially a fetish product and is being sold as one with no clear ingredients labeled, but people used it and passed with it. So, if you are on a tight budget, you might give it a try.

Agent X

Another fetish product. A little less affordable than the previous one and still with the same reputation. Gives no clear ingredient sector, but it is still something you can use if you have no other choice.

Magnum detox

Even though it says Magnum detox on the very box, this is nothing more than a synthetic urine product that is made for switching it with the real sample you should give for testing. Their marketing is outstanding but their clients are not all satisfied. Maybe because of the mixed message they are sending with their name.


Based on everything we reviewed, we can clearly say that we have two brands on the top. Sub Solution and Quick Fix. We choose the second one because of many obvious reasons. First is the price – it is twice more affordable than the other one. Second is the reputation it holds – no disappointed customers.

The Sub Solution has one advantage – it heats itself to the temperature needed. However, we think there’s no logic in giving so much money for something you can do by yourself for 5 seconds in the microwave. At the end, of course, the final decision is only yours.

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