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Two Steps on How Lower Cholesterol Can Be Achieved


There are a few key things to consider in searching for the solution to how lower cholesterol can be achieved. It is important that you realize your cholesterol level is directly controlled by your own lifestyle choices and habits. In particular your diet has a direct effect on your cholesterol levels. Of course there are other key factors such as smoking and sedentary lifestyle. And for some of us our own genetic makeup may also make us more prone to high cholesterol levels. But for most of us the choices we make in our diet is likely to have the most pronounced effect on our cholesterol level and well-being. Fortunately these days it is becoming common and mandatory for food labeling to state the cholesterol content of packaged foods. However it is not enough to just rely on that. If we are serious about knowing how lower cholesterol can be achieved then we must have some basic knowledge about the food we eat and what it does to our body. Over time it is the lifestyle choices we make and the habits that we develop that determine just how healthy we are and our risk of developing degenerative diseases. Many of the most common health problems in our society are classified as avoidable lifestyle diseases. These include heart disease and stroke, both of which can be the result of a lifestyle that encourages high cholesterol levels. Therefore it is important to make the right choices to maintain health and wellness. The first step in a wellness lifestyle is eating well. Most of us are fortunate enough to have an abundance of food available. We typically eat at least three meals each day. So the amount of food that we process through our body each day is actually quite a lot. Eating well makes a lot of sense, and it typically includes having a low-fat, cholesterol-controlled diet. The easiest way to do this is cutting back on fat intake and animal products in particular, as this is the main source of dietary cholesterol. We are fortunate that there are many substitutes for these foods. So we do not need to rely solely on animal products to consume what we need everyday. There are even vegetarian versions of meat available in some supermarkets. The second step in a wellness lifestyle is living well. This should include being active. Our body is actually designed to be active. A sedentary lifestyle will compromise our state of wellness and can lead to many problems associated with degenerative disease, including high cholesterol levels. The medical and science journals are full of studies that show the beneficial effect exercise has on lowering cholesterol levels. It is well-known that exercise will prompt the body to eliminate LDL cholesterol. Exactly how this happens is not generally agreed. But it is likely that exercise leads to a combination of things, all of which help in controlling cholesterol levels. These include weight loss, enzyme production, movement of the blood, elimination of toxins and waste, protein metabolism, stress reduction, etc. It doesn’t mean you need to go out and run marathons in order to get the benefits. I prefer to refer to it as activity rather than exercise. Activity gives a somewhat different picture to that of exercise. Simply walking can be an activity that will give you great benefit towards lowering cholesterol. The secret is to keep doing it on a regular basis and make it a pleasant habit rather than a chore. The more regular activity you have, the more it is likely to benefit your cholesterol levels. So in your search for the solution to how lower cholesterol can be achieved remember these two steps – diet and exercise.

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