Microsoft Partner Agreement Changes

No, our partners cannot accept the MPA on the Cumulus portal. Partners must register with Microsoft Partner Center to accept the MPA. If you are a Resello partner, your Account Manager helps you through this process. On June 30, Microsoft sent all Microsoft CSP partners a notice of non-renewal regarding Microsoft Partner`s formal non-renewal and transition agreement and sent its CSP partners with Deriyfing to terminate the “Indirect Reseller CGV” as of August 31, 2019. Here is an example of the mailings sent to CSP Indirect Reseller: A: Each partner must accept the terms of the Microsoft partnership agreement on Partner Center. It is the responsibility of each partner to ensure that the terms are signed with DemStift, signed electronically or accepted with a click (in accordance with your country`s legal acceptability) so that you are able to place an order with Microsoft. Indirect resellers are expected to enter the Partner Center and sign the Microsoft partnership agreement that concerns them. All Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners must accept the MPA to act in the CSP program. This means that all SherWeb partners who resell or distribute Microsoft`s online services (which are indirect resellers under the Microsoft CSP program) must accept the Microsoft partnership agreement for indirect resellers. September 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020: transitional period for existing partners acting in good faith to sign the MPA. Value for Partners: This helps partners better understand their rights and responsibilities and helps Microsoft provide ongoing service to partners and customers. Resello`s Microsoft CSP specialists are closely following the introduction of the new Microsoft partnership agreement.

We will keep our partners informed of all relevant information in the coming months and will advise and assist our partners in the adoption of the new agreement. If you have any further questions at this stage, please contact us. To learn more about Microsoft`s partnership agreement and how it allows partners to do business with Microsoft, please read these frequently asked questions. All CSP partners must accept Microsoft`s partnership agreement by January 31, 2020 to ensure that their ability to place orders to new or existing CSP customers is not disrupted. After checking the terms with their legal team and the management of the company, it is the global administrator of the CSP client who accepts the agreement at the Partner Center. Implications: Microsoft and its partners work together to ensure distribution practices that are consistent with downstream resellers. A: The Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement expires on August 31, 2019 and cannot be renewed. New and existing cloud solution providers must sign the MPA to continue its implementation in the Cloud Solution Provider program. The Microsoft Partnership Agreement (MPA) is the new Microsoft contract for all Microsoft chain partners.

This new agreement will be modular. Terms and conditions that depend on your organization`s relationship with Microsoft, the type of partner and your organization`s offers are qualified for sale. Indirect sales terms provide that Microsoft can terminate them without reason by notifying your company 30 days before the time limit is set aside. This notification is our written notification that Microsoft intends to terminate your contract without reason effective August 31, 2019. Check out the Program Information section. If the status of the MPN program is active, you are an active MPN partner in the Partner Center. After that date, the MPA will be the agreement allowing partners to act as indirect resellers as part of the Cloud Solution Provider Program.

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