A Healthy Wonder to Your Health is Cod Liver Oil


The main reason for us to be having a happy life is, our eyes through which we enjoy the beauty of the world and also our skin which gives us the feel of that beauty, so isn’t it fair enough for us to take care of them. We all for sure have a very busy life that doesn’t even permit us to take care of our health but we can at least do our bit of using something like cod liver oil which can be found at our own homes, rather than us going out for some treatments in our busy lives. The oil is made from the liver of cod fish which is put to steam and then pressed to extract the oil from it, which we can get in the market in the form of liquid and also as capsule. People have been arguing since a decade over the use of the oil from the fish and oil from the liver of the cod fish. The fish oil is made from the scales and flesh of different type of fish unlike the liver oil of cod fish which people are skeptical about, since it is from the liver which is a part that filters all the impurities. There is debate between them regarding their different uses. The cod liver oil is good for your skin and eyes since it is rich in minerals and Best vitamins like Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and most important Vitamin A which gives a natural glow to your skin along with strengthening your eyesight. Both the oils are enhance with the Omega – 3 fatty acids of EPA and DHA which we know are very vital for a proper balanced development of our brain and giving a stronger immune system, they are high on nutrients giving a healthy vision. In developing the children, the level of DHA reflects their intelligence, higher the level of DHA than higher is the intelligence of the child creating a bright kid. On the other side; adults are benefited with several heart benefits. Both the oils contain equal amount of these fatty acids. This is just a glimpse of the gigantic list of benefits that Cod liver oil has to offer. This remedy tops all the home remedies that you can actually think about. Another feather in its hat is that it miraculously creates your immune system strength during winters. It has proved fruitful in treating diseases right from your regular cold and cough, weak immune system right to cancer and even paralysis. But the most necessary factor in consuming any medicine is to have the right amount of dosage required as per the prescription which is the same for all and even for this oil which can work in your favor if used properly or can be fatal to your health also. Along with your greens and fruits this helps your vitamin intake at check taking care of your health at the most. Next time when buying supplements, make sure that they only contain 100 percent natural ingredients so as to not to create any side effects.

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