What If No Rental Agreement Was Signed In India

If there is no lease, he can only be prosecuted as a house judge. The remedy for you is to sue him for eviction on the grounds that he is a infringer of your property. In addition, it can prove the rent by the behavior of the parties. If the premises he uses are commercial in nature, if he has received all the communications addressed to him and if the head office of his company is registered, he can justify the lease by behaviour and circumstances, in which case he is entitled to the protection of the Law on Rent Control. Hello, I live in Uttam Nagar New Delhi. There is a company in Dwarka Mor called Umang Winter Hills. In April, I went there to buy a 2 BHK apartment for rent. He was a marketing manager there and he assigned me flat and took 1 month before Rs 14000 and said that within 15 days you`ll put people flat. Even if today, when I write, it`s not so flat. In the meantime, he sometimes said it would take 10 days, 15 days could be yet another day. Then within a month I asked him if this apartment was not ready to give me another apartment.

He said he will give you in a week, but I still don`t have an apartment. Now, at the beginning of this month he told me that the owner of the old apartment does not take possession, so not able to give this apartment to you and he offered me another apartment, but said now during these 4 months of rent increased from these apartments, so you can pay rent of Rs 17000 and more on this apartment is not full , because there is no gas connection, although all the other apartments have. So I`m not going to take this flat, and now he says you have to wait for someone else. 1. If there was no ownership of this apartment then why did he take money from me in his own name. 2. Do I have to pay extra rent if I get an apartment now that the rent has gone up? Vikas – According to the law, it is mandatory to have a written agreement between the two parties, listing all the conditions of rental. An agreement reached without an explicit written agreement is not a valid contract in this case.

– changes must also be made in writing, regardless of the type of correction. – The contract must be dated and signed by both parties, i.e.dem landlord and tenant. – The agreement must be stamped and registered. After more than 25 years on land in a house built house, a tenant can register the country in his name,in fact my father died and my grandmother at home given to my mother, but not yet save, until we still have 1st floor home in the urban area, but now after more than 25 years my uncle mother is suing a case of his property and stop our 2nd bedrooms floor work by the home stay form filed in court, what he will propose to him and pl, what we should do now to do it as our house or transfer to our name, otherwise what possibility to our purpose, that if we say to pay us still whole fees at home, there are two types of rental contracts in India , leases that are covered by rental control laws and leases and license agreements that do not apply. My client`s lease and licensing system expired in August 2004. He slept. The agreement was not renewed. He refuses to evacuate the apartment. What legal actions can be taken? Since the relevant national laws register the rental contract at will, the eviction could be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the respective laws. In the event of non-payment of rent, other common reasons for the evacuation include participation in activities that reduce the value of the rent, allowing someone else to occupy the property without the proper permission of the landlord, the use of the property for illegal purposes, the end of the rental period, etc.

An eviction notice must be sent before the evacuation begins. Local laws apply to rental and rental contracts. Many local rent control laws, such as the Maharashtra Rent Act 1999, the Delhi Rent Act 1995, the Tamil Nadu Buildings (Lease and Rent Control) Act 1960 govern leases that are 12 months or more in favour of tenants.

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