Hms Billing Agreements

Exceptions for training grants: Training scholarships are a special exception to other expenses on the billing agreement, in addition to scholarships and tuition fees. Training fees may include travel and M-S. Billing agreements are used to compensate an institution for a portion of the expenses of one of its employees or students working in another institution with a grant from the other institution. The best way to think about it is that they/we only buy time from someone. The customer assures and guarantees that he did not misrepresent himself or that he provided false information to access the service and that the billing information is correct. This is the whole agreement between the customer and HMS regarding the use of the services. It replaces all prior agreements between the customer and HMS regarding the use of the services. All parts of these conditions apply to the extent most permitted by law. If a court or arbitrator is satisfied that HMS cannot impose some of these conditions as written, HMS may replace those conditions with similar conditions, as long as this is applicable under applicable legislation, but the rest of these conditions will not change. These conditions are intended exclusively for the customer and HMS; they do not benefit any other person except the successors and agents of HMS. HMS may at any time cede all or part of these conditions to the customer without notice. HMS may transfer all or part of these conditions to the customer at any time without notice. The Client cannot transfer his rights or obligations under these conditions or delegate rights to the use of the Services.

The use of the service includes the ability to enter into agreements and/or conduct transactions electronically. THEY RECOGNIZE THAT THEIR ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS AGREE AND BE SUED FROM. YOUR AGREEMENT AND TO BE FILING ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS REFERS TO ALL RECORDS RELATING TO ALL TRANSACTIONS YOU ENTER INTO ON THIS SERVICE. To access and store your electronic records, you may need to have some hardware and software that you are solely responsible for. TalK2M Free services are made available free of charge to the HMS customer and accommodation. The Talk2M Pro Services packages ordered contribute to a basic line of credit. On the start date of the service, the sales partner will send the customer an invoice for the service package ordered at the prices indicated in the previous offer. Each month, HMS sends a detailed financial list with all the details of the variables consumed. All prices are expressed in EUR or IN USD or JPY and are understood without applicable VAT or any other relevant tax. As soon as the remaining amount of the credit line is less than 15% of the sum of the previously ordered service charge, the customer must order new service packages through its HMS sales partners in order to continue the services.

Otherwise, the customer agrees to terminate the service. HMS may change the fees charged for services at any time, provided the change does not take effect until the next billing cycle.

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