Masturbation: Stress Management Technique

Given half the possibility, it’s likely that lots of men reading this article could easily list half dozen or more things in their lives that often cause them stress – money issues, relationship problems, sexual worries, in-law conflicts, workplace drama, sibling rivalries, political anxieties, etc. And those some of the big general topics, any one which could have some of much more specific sub-topics. Stress is much too big a part of numerous men’s lives, also it can have a negative affect their our health and wellbeing, as well as their penis health, too. Thus it really pays for taking steps to limit stress whenever you can. There are numerous ways that they a person can try and mitigate stress; among the most enjoyable ways is via masturbation.

Why masturbation

Many a male has remarked that his body feels more enjoyable and that his mood is enhanced after doing a pleasurable masturbation session. Why does masturbation help some guy to de-stress? Basically because sex to all its forms, including masturbation, has a tendency to release dopamine (a chemical which relaxes our bodies and creates a sense of pleasure) and also oxytocin, that helps a person better handle anxiety.

But accountant los angeles ways that masturbation will help de-stress somebody. When some guy masturbates prior to bed, he is a lot more relaxed plus much more likely to drift off more quickly – knowning that can be especially helpful if men tends to lie awake fidgeting at night considering work issues or some other problems.

In addition, masturbation often helps lower blood pressure levels, at;least temporarily, and blood pressure levels tens to shoot up during high stress times.


Masturbation alone is not very likely to help men totally manage his stress – there certainly are times when a person simply doesn’t need the luxury of masturbating. But for those considering incorporating masturbation right into a stress management approach, the next may prove helpful.

Determine if this needs to be scheduled. For some men, the good thing about masturbation is that it could be “slotted in” to his schedule with the spur of the moment. If he becomes aware about high tension, he’ll sneak away to the men’s room to get a quickie and look for instant relief. But some men take advantage of scheduling it, particularly when they are going via a period of consistently high stress. In such cases, they can make it a part of their daily wind-down routine or save it for bedtime. They may also schedule it set for, say, center of the afternoon, with all the promise of a masturbation break as enticement to enable them to soldier lets start work on their work until break time can be used.

Leave the guilt behind. Although there is much greater acceptance of masturbation today, lots of men still feel a point of guilt whenever they masturbate. This can diminish their education of to reduce anxiety they feel from masturbation. Such men will find benefit in reminding themselves that nearly all man masturbates which it is a perfectly normal activity. Some might find it useful to repeat a couple of affirmations – “I am a person, and masturbation is one means I celebrate my manhood” or “I need to masturbate; I am using masturbation not only as a method to obtain pleasure (that I am deserving) but being a way to maintain my health” – prior to starting to masturbate.

Enjoy it. The more that men is able to feel uninhibited while masturbating, the more likely he could be to de-stress. If inside a private place, he should to moan, shout, curse, wriggle and writhe to his heart’s content.

Masturbation might help to relieve stress, but too aggressive a layout can result in rawness – along with the need for the first rate penis health creme (physicians recommend Man 1 Man Oil, that is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Select a crème with both an increased end emollient (like shea butter) along with a natural hydrator (like vitamin E) to appease overworked penis skin. And one with L-carnitine may help protect penis sensation so it will be not diminished by aggressive fondling.

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