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Trailer Maintenance

During the winter, it’s crucial to conduct maintenance on your auto to ensure it is safe and roadworthy. Frequent trailer maintenance is the finest way to shield your fleet which positively affects the autos and the drivers, particularly in winter. To protect your fleet from grave damage, below are recommendations for the least trailer maintenance you should do. To ensure your trailer will function better and endure longer, it’s vital to consider its usage, size, and type. Depending on these characteristics, your trailer may require more maintenance inspections on various components as explained here.

Lighting. During winter, days are darker and shorter. Thus, at the initial phase, inspect your trailer lights. They must work properly irrespective of your trailer type. It’s essential to check the trailer’s front, back, and side lights. Finally, ensure the reflectors and registration plate visibility are visibly illuminated.

Tyre tread and tyre wear. Did you realize that word tyres lower starting traction by 30-50%? Worn tyres can as well burst on the road, particularly at high speeds. It is vitally imperative to check the life expectancy of your tyres and look for these two signs:
The center wear, which signifies the over-inflated tyre
The outer wear; which signifies an under-inflated tyre.

Tyre pressure. Ensuring the right tyre pressure is vital to ensure reliable and safe operation while lowering fuel consumption. Every manufacturer has their specifications on tyre pressure. This pressure is rated in pounds per square inch (PSI). To obtain an accurate rating and reading, it should be tested a few hours after the trailer is parked. Most common tyres require to get pressured to 8.5 Bar at minimum. Be cautious of the reality that low pressure can result in blowouts. Also, if you travel in Nordics or snow places, check for mandatory guidelines on snow and mud tyres.

Brakes. Checking your brake air pipes and brake operations is crucial especially when the weather is cold. This is because the brake airlines and connections can split or freeze due to the condensed water inside the brake system, which results in an enormous obstacle. Owing to this, two potential major problems can arise:
Failure of the braking function that can result in a serious accident.
Undue brake lining and disc/drum wear.
To be prepared and shield your fleet from these problems, remember to scrutinize the fastening rubbers of the pairing hands regularly for leaks. It’s advisable that you always have a spare in your trailer: the red and yellow and the air coils.
Lastly, the air tank of your trailer ought to be examined often for condensation, which can effortlessly eliminate through the drain regulators of the air tank below.

Vehicle and trailer body. To attain an excellent state of your trailer, you are advised to clean and wash your vehicle often, particularly being keen on it in winter and autumn when driving on filth roads.

Lastly, the final maintenance check:
Door condition: If applicable, check all fasteners for damage, as well as latches, holdbacks, and cables.
Roof condition: Keep it free of snow and clean, inspect seals, the roofing membrane, and seams for damage.
Registration plates: They must be rightly affixed to the vehicle and clearly detectible.

Ensure all the above elements are MOT-compliant. Some of the checks need specific skills, knowledge and tools. If you cannot do the maintenance, outsource trailer maintenance services to a reliable and experienced third party.

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